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If you are in search of plants, please see our "Plants" page or scroll down to fill out our

Space Evaluation form.


If you are looking for a service and don't know which one is the best option for you, email us at

Don't see what you need? Message us anyway! We are ALWAYS growing and always adding new services.

Below you will find descriptions of our Interior Botanical Design services!

What We Offer

Space Evaluation & Permanent Plant Installation

If you want to fill your business, home, office or classroom with plants - but aren't sure of what plants to purchase and where to place them - then this is the right service for you. 

We will observe your space and recommend what's best!

Once a space evaluation is complete, we can take the next step and fill your space with the right plants.

Space Evaluation Residential $25

Space Evaluation Commercial $50

Temporary Botanical Decor
& Plant Rental

If you have an upcoming wedding, event or celebration and would like to incorporate live plants into your design, then this is the right service for you! The sky is the limit when it comes to Botanical Design - so send me your ideas and watch them come to life!

Prices vary drastically depending on the size of your event. Message me for details!

Plant Trim/Repot

If you just have a few plants that are not doing well, or have outgrown their pots – this is the option for you! You'll schedule a day to drop your plants off to the greenhouse where I will evaluate & let you know what they need.

Each repot includes a full root cleaning, fresh soil & an optional upgraded pot if you do not have one you wish to use. Once repotted, you'll be able to pick up your baby!

Please see Below for Price Estimates


Initial Evaluation – Free

Trim/Repot (2in-4in pot) - $8 per plant

Trim/Repot (5in-6in pot) - $12 per plant

Trim/Repot (7-12in pot) - $20 per plant

Anything larger - $25 and up per plant

Reoccurring Watering/Maintenance Services

If you're feeling overwhelmed with the maintenance of your plants, or if you have too many plants and not enough time - this reoccurring service is for you! I will come to your home, classroom, retail space & maintain your plants on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Maintenance includes watering, trimming, & repotting when necessary. Fill out the Watering/Maintenance Services questionnaire and we will contact you immediately to set up your services.

Vacation Watering

(I will come to your plants!) Going on vacation? Morganically Grown will come to your plants and water them while you are away! Whether you're going for the weekend or the month, your plants will be cared for in the highest regard!

Plant Sitting

(Your plants come to me!) Don’t have any issues with your plants, but going out of town long term? (Military Orders, Traveling Nurse, etc). You can drop your plants off to me & I will watch them for as long as you need! Weekly and Monthly rates available.

Which one is right for you?

Complete the form to find which service is the best for you and your plants.

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Space Evaluation

No space is too big or too small for our Space Evaluations!

Fill out the form if you want to know what plants will look the best and thrive in your space.

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